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Selection of Small Household Water Pumps


Customers who do water pump retailing have encountered some problems recently. Many users go to the store to buy water pumps, but they can’t say one, two, three, and friends don’t know how to guide customers to analyze the actual situation of the family and choose a water pump. Suitable product. Occasionally, the products sold to customers are too small, and the customer’s water use situation cannot be improved, and the water pump has to be reworked and replaced; occasionally, the products are selected to be large, and customers complain about power consumption and loud noise.

Before guiding everyone to buy a water pump, first figure out their actual needs.

First of all, let’s briefly talk about the parameters of the water pump. There are usually four common parameters of the water pump: flow rate, head, power supply specification, and motor power. The other parameters also have meaning and importance, but they are rarely touched in normal applications. Flow and head are interlocking parameters. We can usually see the marked flow head on the nameplate of the pump.

The 30-140L/min and 106.4-30m in the nameplate of the water pump mean that this water pump can work in such a flow-head range. In fact, the flow head of each pump should be expressed as a curve.

Every point on this curve can be used as the working condition point of the water pump. The position of the actual working condition point is related to the resistance at the outlet end of the water pump. The simple understanding is the valve switch at the outlet position of the water pump. When the valve is fully opened, the water pump works At the position of 15m³/h, 35m, after the valve is closed at a certain angle, the actual working point of the pump will become 10m³/h, 38m. Therefore, some "high-quality" customers managed to obtain the requirements of a flow rate of 15m³/h and a lift of 50m. When they came, they found that the parameters on the nameplate of the pump did not match. Finally, they went around and bought a pump with a nameplate of 16m³/h and a lift of 60m.

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