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Why choose a frequency conversion constant pressure water pump for a household booster pump?


For some large houses or villas, due to the large number of water points, the water pressure may be insufficient during the peak water consumption period. At this time, a booster pump is needed to solve it.

When purchasing a booster pump, it is generally recommended to use a variable frequency constant pressure water pump. Because it is really comfortable to use! Frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply refers to the water supply method in which the outlet pressure remains constant when the water consumption in the water supply network changes. Using an ordinary water pump, turn on one faucet, the water flow is very large, and turn on two faucets at the same time, the water flow will decrease; using a frequency conversion constant pressure pump, one water point or multiple water points use water at the same time, it will not affect the water flow.

Set the water pressure (adjustable), bathe, cook, and do laundry at the same time...without affecting each other.

Respond to pressure changes in time, adjust the speed to keep the user's water pressure constant, reduce water pressure fluctuations, and improve water comfort. Moreover, when water is used, it will not increase instantaneously, damage the pipeline, and increase the risk of water leakage. Automatic start and stop, energy-saving and silent.

The selection of water pump is based on the maximum load point, and ordinary water pumps operate at power frequency, resulting in waste of energy consumption. The variable frequency pump can change the power supply frequency to adjust the load, reduce power consumption, reduce loss, and prolong the service life of the equipment. To put it simply, the frequency conversion booster pump will automatically adjust the speed. For example, when the water consumption is low, the pump speed can be maintained at a low state, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also meets the demand.

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