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Water pump antifreeze common sense antifreeze precautions are as follows


1. When the water pump is not in use, please empty the water in the pump body and the water pipe. (The operation is as follows: open the water pump drain (vent) screw to empty the water in the pump body). (This method is not applicable to PM, CP, CPS, LNP canned pump, PT pipeline pump, WE600 sewage riser and submersible pump. LNP canned pump and PT pipeline pump belong to hot water circulation. WE600 sewage riser is installed indoors, and submersible pump submerged in water, neither drain screw)

2. Run the water pump regularly to ensure that the water pump does not drop below zero to prevent the water from freezing.

3. If the water pump is frozen, please heat the water pump shell or use a heat source to melt the ice in the pump body.

4. The outside of the pump body can be wrapped with thick cotton wool or thermal insulation materials, and the pipe can be wrapped with straw rope cloth or coated with antifreeze paint and other measures. To achieve the antifreeze effect, so that the water pump can operate normally.

5. Freezing cracks are not covered by the warranty, please take anti-freezing measures.

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