What Are The Adjustment Forms Of Air Cooler

According to the operation conditions, the air cooler can be divided into manual regulation and automatic regulation.
1) The manual adjustment mode is to adjust the operating parameters of fan or shutter by manual operation, such as opening and closing the fan or changing the fan blade angle, speed and shutter opening angle to change the fan air volume. Widely used are adjustable angle fan (also known as manual angle fan) and manual shutter. Manual adjustment has the advantages of simple equipment and low manufacturing cost. But the regulation quality is poor, can not be adjusted in time, which is not conducive to the stability of product (medium) quality. At the same time, it is not conducive to saving wind energy. The working conditions are very poor, the impeller is radiated by the tube bundle, the temperature is very high, the operation space is narrow, and the shutdown time is too long.

(2) The method of adjusting the air volume of the fan is to change the air volume of the fan automatically. The most commonly used are automatic angle adjusting fans and automatic shutters. The operation parameters of fan or shutter can be adjusted individually or in combination. No matter which adjustment mode, it can be connected to the automatic instrument control system. The automatic adjustment method can reduce the workload of mediation, maintain the stability of operation, improve product quality, improve labor conditions and reduce energy consumption.

Air cooler is a kind of equipment which uses ambient air as cooling medium to cool or condense the high temperature fluid in the pipe. It has the advantages of no water source, suitable for high temperature and high pressure process conditions, long service life and low operating cost. With the shortage of water resources and energy and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, air cooler with water saving, energy saving and pollution-free has been widely used, Type and application of plate type air cooler

Post time: Sep-23-2020