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How to choose a rockery landscape water pump?


Rockery landscape water pumps, different types of water pumps have different uses, you must clearly know what the water pumps you need are used for, there are two main types of water pumps, one is land-based water pumps, which are usually installed by the pool Above, one is a submersible pump, installed underwater. Before installing the water pump, you should consider the effect you want to achieve, fountain, spring pool, water channel or a combination of all the above effects? There is also what shape should be arranged when the fountain sprays water and the height of the sprayed water, and then calculate the volume of the pool (length, width and height), which is related to the hourly flow of the water pump. Note that the hourly flow of the water pump cannot greater than the volume of the pool.


The installation of the submersible pump and filter device is very easy and the noise is low during operation. Using bricks to raise the water pump can reduce the amount of silt in the filter screen of the water pump. The installation position of the water pump depends on whether you use a land filter device. If you have already used it For land-based filtration units, install the pump as far as possible from the filtered return flow, however, if an underwater filtration unit is used, it must be installed near the pump at the bottom of the pool, as the pump draws water through the filter unit First, the water pump and filtering device should be as close as possible to the bottom of the fountain or waterfall, which will allow the water to reach the top of the fountain through the shortest distance to ensure the water output.