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The Growth Trend Of Aquarium Water Pump And Solar Water Pump


As for YUANHUA company, our R&D department is always developing new products, which meet requirement of different customers in domestic and foreign markets.

To our surprise, Affected by the new crown virus, the aquarium craft fountain industry and solar market demand is strong this year, and by the way, aquarium water pumps and solar water pumps have also grown in this trend.

Water pumps are also affected by the epidemic. The output of major copper-producing countries in the world has decreased, but China’s copper demand has increased. Copper wire is the main raw material for water pumps, resulting in an increase in the production cost of the water pump industry.

The shortage of energy and environmental pollution have become the most important issues to be solved in the development of today’s society. Remote

The problems of animal husbandry and drinking water in the district are often restricted by regional limitations ﹣ in view of the above problems, photovoltaic water pump emerges as the times require.

In this paper, the basic principle and structure of photovoltaic water pump system are summarized, and the research progress and status quo of photovoltaic water pump system are discussed, this paper discusses and analyzes the next research direction of photovoltaic water pump this paper analyzes the feasibility and social benefits of photovoltaic water pump, the application prospect of photovoltaic water pump system is prospected.

Solar photovoltaic water pump system is composed of battery module, cable control unit, motor, pump, pipeline and valve. The basic principle of photovoltaic water pump system is to use solar cell to convert solar energy into electric energy, and then drive the motor to drive photovoltaic water pump through controller. Photovoltaic water pump system can be widely used in water for human and livestock in areas without power supply, agricultural irrigation and high dispersion points such as border islands and sentries. In recent years, with the increasing severity of the global “food problem” and “energy problem”, it has gradually been hailed as the most effective industrial integration product to solve the problem of effective cultivated land, improve production and replace fossil energy with clean energy It is a new economic model for the comprehensive development of traditional industries such as agricultural water conservancy, desert control, domestic water use and urban waterscape. Photovoltaic water pump uses the permanent energy from the sun. It works at sunrise and stops at sunset. It doesn’t need to be supervised by personnel. It doesn’t need diesel oil and power grid. It can be used with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation and other irrigation facilities. It can save water and save energy, and greatly reduce the investment cost of fossil energy power. It has no noise, no environmental pollution, no consumption of conventional energy, automatic, high reliability independent system. It is a new energy and new technology application product of global “food problem” and “energy problem” comprehensive system solution. For a long time, there was little drought