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Garden Pump

Garden Pump

China is a country known for its manufacturing industry, and Yuanhua is one of the leading and trusted names in China's manufacturing industry. They provide a wide range of garden pumps suitable for household and commercial needs.

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Product Description

Garden pumps are essential for irrigation, drainage, and lawn care. Yuanhua's garden pump is designed to meet all your gardening needs. The garden pump is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures efficient water supply and provides a constant flow of water to your lawn, garden, or farm.

Garden pump is a water pump used in construction, gardening and other fields. It is mainly used for tasks such as watering, spraying, circulation, and drainage. They have the characteristics of extremely high efficiency, low noise, high stability, energy saving, and good durability. Garden water pumps have different powers and are suitable for squares, gardens, lawns and other places of different sizes.

The uses of garden pumps mainly include the following aspects:

1. Pumped irrigation: garden pump can be used to water flowers, lawns, vegetable gardens, etc., to improve the quality of production and life.

2. Fountain and waterscape design: garden pump can provide water sources for fountains and waterscapes of various sizes, making the venue more artistic.

3. Water circulation system: The garden pump can cooperate with the water circulation system to provide water supply for fish ponds and aquariums, maintaining the health and growth environment of aquatic life.

4. Drainage system: Garden pump can be used for drainage of ponds and garden areas to prevent ponds and garden areas from being flooded.

The garden pump is an important water pump equipment in the fields of construction, gardening and other fields. It can provide water sources, recycled water resources, watering, landscape fountains and other applications. It not only improves the quality of production, life, offices, residences and other places, but also It satisfies people's yearning for a better life.


Voltage 120V
Frequency 60HZ
Pfrequencyower 1500W
Max Flow Rate 55000L/H
Max Head Lift 1200CM
Approval UL / ETL
Dimension L285*W149*H175MM

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